WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY / Kaitlyn and Ryan's September Wedding at Waveny House

Kaitlyn and Ryan were married on September 3rd, with a ceremony and reception at Waveny House insouthern New England.

A New England Destination Wedding at Waveny House

The images from this wedding were among my favorites from last year, especially because of the venue. Waveny House is a beautiful Tudor-style mansion, complete with a grand hall and sweeping gardens. It was built at the start of the twentieth century and named for the Waveny River in England, and that history is ever-present in the details like the paneled wood and the marble fireplaces. It’s the perfect place for a destination wedding, especially for a couple looking for that feeling of richness and grandeur.

For two days before the wedding and the entire morning of the big day, we were all worried about the weather. It had been raining heavily, and we were worried that we weren’t going to be able to get the gorgeous garden pictures and outdoor photographs to take full advantage of Waveny House’s stunning backdrops. But an hour before the wedding was set to start, the sun came out—and the weather stayed pleasant for the rest of the day.

A Gorgeous Summer Estate Wedding

I especially loved being able to photograph the family and wedding party photos in the gardens on the estate. They were open to the public even during the wedding, so it was fun meeting people who were wandering the grounds only to stumble upon a wedding! It was fun to see how even complete strangers got in the spirit of celebration. 

I also loved when the sun got lower in the sky, shining perfectly through the trees and the open areas of the West Porch exactly when Kaitlyn and Ryan had their first dance. The lighting was stunning and provided for my favorite image of the whole day! Pair that lighting with Kaitlyn’s overjoyed expression and the guests tightly packed around them, and it was exactly the first dance image every bride dreams of. 

 Kaitlyn and Ryan's wedding at Waveny House in New Canaan, CT

In addition to the perfectly-timed weather and the beautiful settings, I thoroughly enjoyed the rustic details that Kaitlyn and Ryan poured into the day. They had a wine bar with custom blends specifically chosen by the bride and groom as well as a whiskey and cigar bar for their cocktail hour, lending an easygoing feeling to the whole day. 

The open dance floor and the grand hall with plenty of space for guests to sit wherever they liked also made the whole thing feel like a warm, intimate celebration. I always say that the details are what make a wedding truly unique, and couples like Kaitlyn and Ryan who take that to heart get to reap the benefits of a wedding that feels like them.

I would like to thank Kaitlyn and Ryan and their amazing families for sharing this beautiful day with me! Even the rain stopped to make sure this was a day to remember and a day they both so richly deserved!