NEWS / 2018 Portrait Masters Awards & Accreditation


Entering awards and photo contests is always a difficult choice for me on a personal level. Do my clients really care if I can right "award-winning" in my bio? Or are they just interested in receiving the best possible product possible? Starting this year, 2018, I have decided to work my way towards accreditation in The Portrait Masters. This is a way for me to continue learning, growing and becoming an expert at my craft while working my way to becoming recognized by the photography industry as a leader in my field. I have chosen this contemporary portrait direction instead of a focus on wedding photography for professional accreditation because I feel I can learn more from the portrait work that I can then apply to my wedding images, engagements, and other photo sessions.

Below are my two images that I submitted during the March 2018 round of the competition. Each photograph scored in the High Professional Standard; both receive a Bronze merit. I would like to thank my mentor Sue Bryce for helping me start this journey into contemporary portraiture and provided this amazing merit-based competition for myself and other photographers around the world to participate in.


I received two Bronze merits in the Contemporary Portrait category at The Portrait Masters Awards.