WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY / A Winter Vermont Elope at a Romantic Bed and Breakfast


T & T


A Vermont bed and breakfast is really the get-away of all get-aways. And in Winter, the air is crisp, the views are clear and that hot chocolate in your hand just seems all that much more warmer.

Terri and Ty had eloped months before we met but had that one lurking regret, not having wedding photos of their special day. I met up with them on their honeymoon at the gorgeous country farm setting at B&B at Russell Young Farm in Starksboro, VT. They each got dressed in separate rooms which allowed me to recreate a "first look" moment on the porch which was so much fun!

We walked around the property finding scenic-ness and quaintness at every turn. Even though it was the heart of Winter, it was surprisingly warm while the snow added a touch of magic to each of the photos.