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Formed in 2015 by photographer Cate Bligh, The Green Barn Wedding Photography is a professional wedding and engagement photography company specializing in rustic themed and country wedding throughout New England. Cate's mission for her business is to offer not only the best photography available but also a superior client experience. This is all while curating a premium quality product line made only from sustainable, eco-friendly materials and produced by likeminded small businesses who put the environment as a priority. Her belief is that every choice we make can make a difference to the world around us while never sacrificing luxury quality and a high-end client experience.


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Cate graduated in 2006 with an Associate of Science in Professional Photography from McIntosh College. It is there where he passion for medium format film photography first developed - a service she still offers for weddings and engagement sessions to this day.

Creative and intensive, week-long photography workshops are also a content presence in Cate's educational background, and are planned to continue long into the future. With the intention of growing her craft, learning the latest techniques and networking while traveling throughout the US is what makes these workshops an important piece in her background. These workshops encompass a variety of subjects like landscape techniques, wedding specific intensives and commercial/stock photography at The Maine Media Workshops in Camden, Maine and several at Rocky Mountain School of Photography in places like Missoula and Kalispell, Montana as well as Yellowstone National Park.

In 2015, Cate spent 9 weeks in Missoula, Montana at Rocky Mountain School of Photography and completed an Advanced Intensive photography program that covered all aspects of photography, from weddings to fashion to commercial.


As important as her education and growing her photographic craft, Cate see the importance of being part of the professional photographic community. Below are her professional affiliations and photo club memberships locally, nationally and globally.

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