THE Green Barn Wedding PHotography
& Cate Bligh
CLIENT Online Scheduling

Thank you for scheduling online!

I like to meet or chat on the phone with my couples (at minimum) around 1 to 2 months out and 1-2 weeks before their wedding. I would like to meet at least once in-person, it's just so much easier to get to know each other that way! I understand that this isn't always a reality, so please schedule what you need. These meetings typical last 30 minutes. Feel free to schedule them all now or come back here anytime.



You will see on my calendar many Sunday's open. These will fill quickly as wedding season approaches and appointments on these days have a high possibility of being bumped because of last-minute wedding bookings (this happens more than you would think!!) I hate to turn down work because this is my sole income but I also want to honor my current clients and make them my priority. Please consider a weekday or weekday evening (if possible) to get together during this time, even as a phone call or video chat appointment! If this is not possible, I will try my absolute best to honor these appointments. Thank you in advance!


If you would like to schedule on the dates listed below, please note the location I will be. You may choose to schedule a coffee shop meeting near this location on these specific dates or a phone/video call. I am also available for Dream Shoots while visiting these locations!


I am currently not traveling outside NH in the near future with any free time. Please join and follow The Facebook Group for any last minutes updates on my travel.